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Crafting the Perfect Wedding Bar: How Our Massachusetts Mobile Bar Passes the Vibe Check

Updated: Jan 9

Planning an event is an exciting time, and one of the key elements that can elevate the overall experience is the event bar.

Whether you're organizing a wedding, corporate event, or a backyard get-together, selecting the right event bar services can make all the difference. In the world of events, deciding what you want to include for your theme can be a bit overwhelming. In this quick read, we'll talk about how to choose the event bar services that exude your personality to set the tone for your special occasion.

Understanding Your Event's Theme:

Before diving into your event bar services, take a moment to reflect on the overall theme you want to create. Are you aiming for an elegant and sophisticated event with glassware and signature cocktails, or is your party more laid-back and casual where disposables and simple mixed drinks will work just fine? We offer it all. The bar should reflect what you like and what you'd like to serve to your guests. It's simple as that, and we will work with you to create your ideal beverage experience - whatever that may be.

Crafting a Signature Cocktail Menu:

In addition to our pouring service, our Massachusetts mobile bar service is happy to create signature cocktails that reflect the theme and spirit of your event. Our 2024 cocktail menu is filled with crowd pleasing recipes. Don't worry, if you want something totally custom, we’ll work closely with you to create drinks that not only taste great but also tell a story. Whether it's a classic cocktail with a unique twist or a completely custom creation, a signature drink adds a personalized touch to your event that will have all of your guests raving about them.

Add-on Services:

So now that you know what you’re serving, let’s talk about add-on services. These can look different for everyone. When opting for add-on services from our Massachusetts mobile bar, you’ll be able to add on nitro cold brew, our drink wall, passed cocktails, table-side wine service during dinner, drinkware upgrades, and more. We’ve designed our packages to be completely customizable to best fit what you need and add on anything you want. We'll work with you to figure out the details and add-on the services you want.

Experienced Bartending Professionals:

Bartenders are one of the only vendors that will interact with almost every guest at your event. Our personable bar staff are trained in high volume events and mixology. We want everyone to feel welcome at the bar, and a smiling face with a beautiful and delicious drink is the vibe for us. When looking for a mobile bar for your event, seek out bartending professionals who not only excel in mixology but also bring a friendly and approachable demeanor to the table.

Non-Alcoholic Options Go a Long Way:

Not everyone thinks about non-alcoholic options for the bar. We can honestly say there’s always a handful of guests that ask for a non-alcoholic beverage or mocktail. We treat N/A drinks with the same love and care as our cocktails. We don’t need to know why you’re not drinking, our Massachusetts mobile bar thrives off creating delicious zero-proof options for guests without any hesitation or judgement. Bonus that no-one else will know it’s non-alcoholic because these look so good. This flexibility allows you as the host to tailor the bar experience to your guests specific needs and preferences. We proudly offer mocktails as part of our bar menus.

Choosing the right bar services for your event is a crucial step in the planning process and our hope is this has helped you envision what you'd like to include for your big day. Cheers to celebrating life's biggest moments with a beautiful and easy event bar experience!

Coordinator: @unaweddings

Photography: @allison_b_photo

Floral Designer: @halcyonheroine

Models: Couple Taylor + Bruno

Stationary/Print Shop: @brownsugastationery

Makeup Artists: @sydtess

Clothing Boutique: @shopcalico

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