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A Journey of Dreams: Crafting My First Vision Board for My Massachusetts Mobile Bar Business and Personal Life in 2024

Creating a Visual Path to Success and Fulfillment

As the calendar flips to a new year, I decided to kick off 2024 by creating my very first vision board. I wanted to create something that I could see from what my heart felt by bringing together dreams for my Massachusetts mobile bar business and personal life, visualizing a future filled with beautiful possibilities.

The Spark of Inspiration: Setting Intentions

Vision boards have been around forever and I’ve always had an interest in them and this year felt like the perfect time to dive in. I just completed a 5 hour strategic planning session for the year ahead. While I loved it and got a ton of value out of it, I was fried. I didn’t want to lose steam at the end of the day and needed to tap into my creative side to bring it all together. With my Massachusetts mobile bar business gaining momentum and a desire for personal growth, I knew it was the perfect moment to set my intentions for the year ahead.

The Creative Process: Choosing Images that Speak Louder Than Words

I lined up the necessities, scissors, glue, and a stack of magazines, I began looking for visuals that resonated with my goals. I bought wedding magazines, corporate magazines, health and wellness, along with a hosting magazine (that honestly had the most visuals I was looking for). From craft cocktails that reflected the foundation of my business to images of peaceful locations symbolizing personal well-being and togetherness, each one was getting me a step closer to bringing my vision to life. I’m on a mission to create a life I don’t need a vacation from (but I definitely want to take them). I have BIG goals for my Massachusetts mobile bar business this year, revenue, new services, adding new team members, and reaching for the stars.

Affirmations and Keywords: Giving a Voice to Aspirations

To give my vision board even more energy, I added affirmations and keywords. Phrases like "Abundance" and "Energy" became the anchoring points that are grounding my dreams in the reality I’m determined to create.

The Emotional Impact: From Hope to Excitement

As the pieces of my vision board were coming together, I felt a solid sense of hope and excitement. It was more than just arranging images on a board; it was a visual representation of my aspirations and goals. The visual cues serving as a daily reminder of the journey I’m on.

Reflection and Daily Encouragement: Bringing the Board to Life

Placing my vision board in a prominent spot—visible both in my workspace and at home. I want to see it daily, multiple times a day actually. I want it to be in subconscious, constantly help me navigate towards the goals and intentions I've set for myself. Seeing as a I work from home, naturally the best place for it is... my refrigerator. The simple act of looking at the board becomes a moment of reflection, and a boost of motivation to stay aligned with my goals.

Conclusion: A Canvas of Dreams Unveiled

Creating my first vision board for 2024 wasn't just about cutting and pasting images; it was about giving life to my dreams and creating it myself. As the year unfolds, I look forward to the journey ahead, knowing that this visual roadmap will guide me through the twists and turns of both my Massachusetts mobile bar business and personal life.

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